Marcus grow up as a peasant boy in the village of Geldin. Because of his poor lifestyle, he became a thief even though he was an alter boy. Marcus wanted to leave but without sufficient funds for food and equipment, he wasn’t going anywhere. That changed when his life-long friend Ethan came to ask for help with a task. Ethans’ father told him if he could get into the family crypt and take the amulet, he would give him the family shield and a decent amout of gold for the trip to Vienne. Marcus excepted, and they both headed for the crypt. After fighting a skeletal wolf and ghoul, they made it to the bottom of the crypt and returned to Geldin with the amulet.

He lived in Vienne for a while before he found a mentor that taught him everything he knew. He and Ethan eventually went their seprate ways with Marcuses thieving lifestyle and Ethans’ enlistment. Marcus trained with his mentor for a year. After his training he followed Ethan, who was now a knight, and his sister Piplina to a volcano in the Northwest where a dragon was said to be terrorizing a small town called Fangorn. They caught him and said he could help if he didn’t steal from them. They barely managed to get to the dragon which was in the treasure room. During the battle, Marcus used his ring of three wishes to wish all the dragons treasure in a bag of holding big enough to hold it all. He then fled while they where still fighting the dragon. Marcus stole a horse and rode away from the volcano and managed to fend off Ethans pet giant owl. Both Ethan and Piplina knocked the dragon unconscious and rode after him. They caught up to Marcus and subdued him. Then striped him of everything except his clothes and left him for dead. When Marcus woke up the dragon was over him and gave him a ring of sustenance, saying he grow a soft spot for him.

Marcus got back to Vienne and swore to get revenge on Ethan, Piplina, and a halfling named Derik, who they gave some of the treasure to. He joined the assassins guild, and after a while, managed to get most of the teasure back. Then the undead attack happened. A massive army of undead came out of the sewers and destroyed much of the city. Marcus teamed up with The Prince, Ethan, Piplina, The Violet Shadow, and The Baron to go into the sewers and find the cause of the undead. During the decent, The Prince and Marcus got separated from the group and had to go down alone. They discovered a Dracolich to be the source of the undead and together they killed it. During the undead attack, Marcus saw the power of necromancy. It was at this point where he decided to become a neromancer after his assassin training.

Marcus took advantage of the chaos and looted many of the abandoned stores and houses. He then set his sites on something bigger, the palace treasurey where he single handedly committed The Palace Heist. He went to the mage town of Loden and bought a Chime of Opening. Then Marcus snuck into the palace and used the chime to open the magically sealed doors of the treasurey and safes. Even though he stole most of the treasure, there were some places he just couldn’t get to. So feeling slightly unsatisfied, he fled the palace. Marcus used the money he stole from the palace to build an underwater base to hold his growing wealth. While in the Fey Woods investigating disappearances, Marcus ran into a pack of werewolfs. He fought hard but they overcame him. When he woke up he had the body of a wolf. Marcus ran back onto the path and used his will power to turn human. He then fled back to Vienne.

By this time the country was in shambles. The Prince had hired the Assassins Guild to be his private army. The Violets main opponent for the trone acussed The Prince of incompetence and put him through The Violet Family Trial. Not wanting to lose there main source of income, the assassins sent Marcus to the opponents Mansion to seal some incriminating evidence against him. Marcus found the evidence but his hand got turned into paper in a fight with an hidden alchemical golem. He eventually defeated the golem and got the evidence to the trial and allowed The Prince to stay on the thrown. He named Marcus the vassal of Fangorn for his service.


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