Arathen Felmur

An insane, demonic, lich.


The ancient book lays open on the oak table, the candle-light flickers in the deathly cold room. A diary? The later entries appear to be scrawlings in hundreds of languages, not a complete thought among them.. The earlier entries, though, they’re barely legible, even badly faded. As you begin to read, the shadows in the room seem to waver and it grows steadily colder, but this may be the only chance you get to learn the story…

Born to an elven mother, I was. A morning elf to be specific. The only one who would ever birth such a child. One who would court demons. Bastard child of incubi. Wretched though he was, his mother loved him still. Raised in the darkness, hidden from his kin. Growing, seething, learning. On the border to the underdark, on the brim of the abyss, Arathen’s playground. “Love you… Always.” She gasped as he ripped her heart out. Loved forever. Her heart with me always. Beating. Keeps me warm.

Drawn to the light. Like a moth. I rise. Spread my wings on the stars. I’ll forever remain. Clothed in death. My dark sanctuary calms me. A raging fire doused. Loved. Always loved.

Can’t remember when I wasn’t scattered. Always have been in my mind. Gets worse from time to time, I expect. Murcuron. Met him once. Pretty sure that was me. Bastard. Smug. A god’s might, indeed! True power comes.. from the heart. Love can never be defeated.

Flesh torn, ripped, reknit. Sighs relief. Life restored. I am a god. I am my own creation, my own power. Kreselik, my eye. Dros’n, my arm. Kal, my fangs. Shade, my daughter. Innocent, bumbling, powerful. Her needs are mine.

Below, swathed in soil. My own grave. A tomb. Subterran yard. Shore lost at sea. All my friends are at the ball. Dance.

I’ve plunged myself into hiding. The cursed sky glares at me anywhere else. Minions keep me safe. I know I’m safe. The sun will not find me.

Entropy wins. His blade faster. Locked in time as I am. My great undertaking swept away. I leave now. Out of the Weave. Alone. Beat. Beat. Never alone. I am warm as the world bleeds.

It feels like it’s been hours since you’ve started. You can see your breath now.. So cold. Staring into eyes. Darkness.

Arathen Felmur

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