Derik Derikson

A halfing who grew up in Lodun. He inherited the magical bar his father owned, as well as a mystic source of booze his father only referred to as “The Good Shit”. He eventually joined the ranks of students at the Arcane University. He eventually developed a rivalry with a teacher, which turned violent. After a deadly bout, Derik eventually took his place.

Derik was soon after sent on a recon mission to see about stopping the incoming force from Gresh. Without help from the Arcane University, certain doom seemed likely. Derik stopped the invasion single-handedly and gained the title of Hellblender.

Rising through the ranks of wizardry, Derik eventually came to challenge the Evocations master. A swift defeat for the evocations master as well, and Derik took his place (His ashes are on Derik’s desk…).

Not long after, he journeyed into the Fey Woods to remedy whatever was causing the trouble. The main source turned out to be a cabal of werewolves led by a devil who had possessed their lord. About a quarter of the wolves we’re allowed to run away while the rest joined their master as piles of ash.

After going South, to Janren, in a failed expedition up to Resren and beyond, Derik met Rika, A young sorceress, who became his assistant.

At his return, he was greeted by the Archmage who gave him a mission to recover the Eye of Vecna and the Hand of Vecna. He was teamed up with a changling by the name of Kou. With his help, he found out the locations of both of the objects. After recovering the Eye from a grindylow magus, both Kou and Derik set out to find the hand, which Kou told Derik was currently being used by a sorcerer by the name of Roger.. After having a talk with Kou, however, it was determined the the Archmage was a devil, a denizen from Hell itself. Deeming the quest to be of ill-intention, Derik abandoned it and convinced Kou to join him.

They then began an adventurous search for magical artifacts.

While researching with Kou in the library at the Arcane University, they were appraoched by a young human sorcerer named Mitchel. Bored of classes, and having overheard thier ideas, he wanted to join them. They relunctantly agreed.

Targeting a sunken ship called The Wayward Cork, they chartered Piplina’s ship to take them to their calculated possible locations. When there, Derik summoned an ocean dragon and had it search for them. Soon, they had the dingy that was The Wayward Cork. Digging through the treasures, Derik’s hoard of treasure became an immense armory.

Afterwards, a book covered in riddle-locks was discovered amongst the treasure. After puzzling over it for weeks, the party deduced that it could only be opened by the Weaver. Making thier way to the Plane of Dreams, Derik left both Kou and Mitchel behind, whom he deemed too inexperienced.

First, to the Reflection of Dreams, they met the Weaver, whom they then discovered to be a Dvati. Without speaking, it gave Derik it’s half of the approval.

Derik then traversed the Collective Unconscious to the Nightmare Reflection. Here, he was attacked by a Nightcrawler, who ripped a huge amount of his life-force from his body before he escaped. Eventually, he found the Denizens, the beings who lived in the Nightmare Reflection. There, he discovered a living portal, called a Dark Gate. Through the gate, which led to the Material Plane, he found Kcaj Redirenol, who was deemed to be the scariest among the Denizens. With his guidance, the found the Nightmare Reflection Weaver. He denied his request, saying he would only fulfill it if he would corrupt the Indigo Child. He refused, and left to find a way to stop the Weaver.

Recently, he used the blank phylactery found no The Wayward Cork to turn himself into a lich with the help of a necromancer provided Derek begin offering necromancy classes at the Arcane University.

With this new power, he entered the Archmage’s office, and with the same preparedness he’d had against the former evocations master, converted the Archmage into a pile of dust; emerging without even a small scratch. The former archmage now resides in a crystal jar with an adamantine base on Derek’s desk. The jar is lovingly labeled “Jackass”.

At a recent dinner with Taranthus Derek finally revealed his motives for seeking so much power. He didn’t wish to control Lodun, Thelmyr, or even the entire continent. The wanted the prize among prizes, the ultimate goal a mortal could ever hope to achieve…godhood.

He recently obtained a seed of the World Tree from Ethan Cevir as well as an Immovable Rod.

Derik Derikson

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