A changeling from Gresh, Kou was endowed from an early age with the power to control the feelings of others. Picked out by the government with his specialized skills, he was sent of a spy to go and gather information on Thelmyr.

After making his way to Lodun, Kou eventually struck up a deal with the Archmage, and a greater devil who went by the title of Ambassador. After learning from him that his country would win the war, he left Lodun and went on a mission for the Archmage to impersonate the corpse of Taranthus. This fell through, however, when the agreed payment for the archmage went missing. He was charged with finding it.

After chasing a lead, Kou eventually met up with Roger and his party in Lychgate. After deceiving them by swearing to his god, The Traveler, Kou followed them until he felt he had gathered enough information and left, reporting his finds to the Archmage. He was then teamed up with Derik Derikson to go and retrieve the payment (The Hand of Vecna and The Eye of Vecna) together.

At the insistence (and the promise of payment from Derik), Kou abandons the quest and travels with him in an adventurous search for magical artifacts.

While researching with Derik in the library at the Arcane University, they were appraoched by a young human sorcerer named Mitchel. Bored of classes, and having overheard thier ideas, he wanted to join them. They relunctantly agreed.

Targeting a sunken ship called The Wayward Cork, they chartered Piplina’s ship to take them to their calculated possible locations. When there, Derik summoned an ocean dragon and had it search for them. Soon, they had the dingy that was The Wayward Cork. Digging through the treasures, Kou’s share became a pair of magically imbued goggles which enhanced the wearer’s ability to perceive things and locate an enemy’s vital spots in combat.

Afterwards, a book covered in riddle-locks was discovered amongst the treasure. After puzzling over it for weeks, the party deduced that it could only be opened by the Weaver. Making thier way to the Plane of Dreams, Derik left both Kou and Mitchel behind, whom he deemed too inexperienced.


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